CIMB Niaga philanthropy activities are CSR in the form of donations or implementation of activities to stakeholders or communities, with the aim of helping to improve their welfare.

Philanthropy is conducted either on our own initiative or request of other parties. Donations can be in the form of money, goods or joint social programs given to local communities around CIMB Niaga branch office network.

CIMB Niaga supports and prioritise donation priorities in the fields of education, religion, health, arts and culture, economy, sports and information technology (IT).

Activities to improve the community, include:

  1. CIMB Niaga Smart Parenting Club; a community formed as a media of information and communication for all CIMB Niaga's employees/benefactors to discuss developments such as health and psychology focusing on women, mother and baby, family, personal life planning,; financial solutions,; or other important topics in the community, thereby gaining insight amid busy daily routines.
  2. Christmas Celebration, held in 7 cities where CIMB Niaga branch offices are located. This activity was carried out in collaboration with 7 religious organisations.
  3. Disaster Aid, also called CIMB Niaga Care program, including the provision of aid for victims of several natural disasters:
    • The flood in Jakarta and surrounding areas. Aid distribution from several centers were established with partner NGOs in collaboration with CIMB Niaga. Emergency aidswere given in the form of a public kitchen, free medical care, food packages, children and elderlies necessities, as well as hygiene needs (such as toiletries and clean water).
    • The earthquake in Lombok and Aceh. In both disaster sites, CIMB Niaga set up disaster shelters and delivered aid through FORMULA (Food, religion, Medic, Livelihood Aid) program with the assistance of two NGOs.
    • The flood in Wajo, South Sulawesi. Flood also occurred in Sidrap and Bone districts of South Sulawesi. To ease the suffering endured by the victims, CIMB Niaga donated 360 blankets, 1,040 instant noodles, 200 kg of sugar, 200 boxes of tea bags, 200 bottles of powder for hives, 200 antiseptic soaps, and life jackets.
    • The eruption of Mount Sinabung. Located in the Karo highlands, Karo District of North Sumatra,Mount Sinabung along with Mount Sibayak are the two active volcanoes withthe highest peaks in the province. In 2013, Mount Sinabung erupted again. To reduce the suffering endured by the victims, CIMB Niaga partnered once more with Al-Azhar Peduli Ummat in providing emergency aids in the form of public kitchens in refugee camps, trauma healing, health care and tarpsfor the shelter camps.
    • The Feast of Sacrifice and Eid al-Fitr. Helda series of activities forEid al-Adha in the form of aid for purchasing sacrificial animals in CIMB Niaga's branch offices in various cities across Indonesia.
  4. Blood Donation, held in Karawaci and Plastica in cooperation with PMI Serang District and PMI Tangerang District.
  5. Distribution of a charity fund, held by CIMB NiagaSyariahin cooperation with 18 nonprofit agencies.
  6. Ramadan Bazaar; selling cheap daily necessities through the event. Held at the Griya CIMB Niaga, Bintarodan Menara CIMB Niaga, Karawaci. In addition to Ramadan bazaar, CIMB Niagae mployees had also organized 'BulanBerbagi' event (the month of sharing) in various areas. The activities included tausiyah, providing meals for the employees everyday at the end of fasting, breaking the fast together, and also organising charities for the orphans and the poor.
  7. Free Medical Treatment, carried out in Kudus, in collaboration with Keluarga Sehat Hospital.