A philanthropic banking business, CIMB Niaga gives charity to help improve social welfare, and it cares about people affected by acts of God in regions across Indonesia.


Sentani Flash Flood Disaster Response

On March 16, 2019, flash flooding occurred across Sentani district in the region of Jayapura, causing great difficulties for local people. The authority reported 112 casualties. The calamity left 107 people badly injured, and 808 survived with mild injuries. A total of 94 went missing, and 16,783 individuals/3,876 families had to take shelter in 33 refugee camps (source: CNN Indonesia).

Working with Al-Azhar National Alms Agency (Laznas), CIMB Niaga provided support for surviving residents of Sentani in these camps. A team was deployed to set up soup kitchens and provide meals. Both entities also offered healthcare assistance. 'Medical Action' was organized in each of two heavily-affected locations: BTN Sosial Sentani housing estate and Doyo, Bambar. A team of 6 employees from CIMB Niaga's Jayapura office signed up to offer help.

Medical treatments were given to patients between 9 a.m. and 5.15 p.m. at two emergency centers Al-Azhar Laznas opened in those locations. As many as 100 patients were treated. CIMB Niaga sincerely hoped the people of Sentani would recover and get back on their feet in no time.


As part of their Ramadhan series of activities, Madiun branch offices of CIMB Niaga and CIMB Niaga Syariah, in collaboration with Nurul Hayat Alms Agency, invited some 100 orphans to shop for goods at the East Javan city's Carrefour hypermarket. The event served as an opportunity for the company to share happiness with the children living in areas close to the operations. It also allowed the team to educate them about financial literacy. Ramadhan campaigns in 9 cities were also on the go list, with members of CIMB Niaga senior management attending.

Lombok Natural Disaster Relief Aid and Support for Thalassemia Patients

At 'The Color Run 2018' CIMB Niaga gave donations to the Indonesian Red Cross for further distribution to survivors and people affected by the earthquake in Lombok. Recovery proved to be hard for all victims, and the support would ease their hardship. Under another humanitarian initiative, the bank provided help to children with thalassemia through Indonesian Thalassemia Foundation or YTI. The company funded purchases of blood pump systems the patients really needed.

Palu and Donggala Disaster Relief Aid

CIMB Niaga showed care and compassion to those affected by tsunamis in Palu and Donggala in December. Help was provided through Emergency Response Action Foundation (ACT). The key purpose of this initiative was to ensure that all disaster victims and survivors have their basic needs met. Additionally, the Islamic business unit of CIMB Niaga made donations to the Ministry of Rural Affairs, Regional Underdevelopment and Transmigration, Indonesian Financial Service Authority (OJK), Darul Qur'an and Daarut Tauhid.

Christmas Celebration in 2018

Sharing the festivity's joy, CIMB Niaga made Christmas celebration merrier for beneficiaries with the help from three humanitarian organizations: Yayasan Mega Kasih Bangsa, Yayasan Lembaga Pelayanan Anak-Anak Indonesia and Yayasan Bala Keselamatan. Children who survived the natural disaster in Palu would enjoy better education and improved welbeing.