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12 Feb 2024

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a manifestation of CIMB Niaga’s commitment to establishing harmonious and mutually beneficial relationships with the environment, community, society, and all other stakeholders. CSR is also purposed to sustain economic development by balancing economic, social, and environmental aspects.

CSR is directed towards a sustainable finance mission for business activities that generate sustainable growth. CSR programs and activities are carried out effectively and have a long-term impact.

CIMB Niaga carries out CSR with a clear objective: to bring positive impacts and improve the social conditions of communities and people connected to the Bank by implementing and developing appropriate programs with long-term impacts in stages and on an ongoing basis. These efforts are expected to bring CIMB Niaga to achieve its ideal, objective, and targeted CSR implementation goals. In 2022, CIMB Niaga organized CSR activities in a hybrid manner (offline and online) while still observing the applicable health protocols.

CIMB Niaga is also committed to implementing CSR programs by referring to several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as top priorities as follows: