Business Activities and License


Based on the latest CIMB Niaga Articles of Association, as set forth in Deed No. 20 dated 9 April 2020, made before Ashoya Ratam, S.H., M.Kn., Notary at Administrative City of South Jakarta, in accordance with Article 3 paragraph 3.2, CIMB Niaga was established with the intention and purpose to carry out business activities in field of Commercial Banks. In order to achieve these aims and objectives, the Bank may carry out the scope of the main and supporting business activities, as follows:


  1. Funding from the public in the form of deposits, including demand deposits, terms deposits, certificates of deposit, savings and/or their equivalents;
  2. Lending;
  3. Issuing debt instruments;
  4. Purchase, sell, or collateralize at its own risk or for the benefit the request of its customers:
    1. Promissory notes including those accepted by banks with validity period no longer than the customary commercial instruments;
    2. Debenture notes and other commercial paper with validity periods no longer than the customary commercial instruments;
    3. State treasury notes and government guarantee instruments;
    4. Bank Indonesia Certificates (SBI);
    5. Bonds;
    6. Commercial paper valid up to 1 (one) year pursuant to prevailing laws and regulations;
    7. Other commercial instruments valid up to 1 (one) year, pursuant to prevailing laws and regulations.
  5. Transfer money for its own interest or for the interest of the bank’s customers;
  6. Place funds in, borrow from, or lend to other banks using notes, telecommunication means, sight drafts, checks, or any other means;
  7. Accept payment from commercial paper and perform calculation with or among third parties;
  8. Provide storage for the safekeeping of goods and commercial paper;
  9. Perform depository activities for the interest of other parties or on the basis of contract;
  10. Place funds from a customer to another in the form of commercial paper not listed on stock exchanges;
  11. Perform factoring activities, credit card businesses, and trusteeship activities;
  12. Perform activities in foreign exchange in compliance with the requirements stipulated by bank Indonesia;
  13. Perform Sharia-compliant banking activities;
  14. Perform marketing agency activities for nonbanking products such as insurance, mutual funds, government bonds, or others pursuant to the regulations.


  1. Purchase from auction or others, collateral either wholly or partially should a debtor default on an obligation to the Bang, under the condition that the purchased collaterals are required to be immediately disbursed;
  2. Perform capital investment in a bank or other financial institution, such as leasing, joint venture, consumer financing, securities, or insurance companies, or in a clearing house and underwriting, and settlement and depository agency accordance with bank Indonesia regulations;
  3. Perform temporary capital investments to manage the consequences of default, or Sharia-based financing default, under the condition that the investment shall be withdrawn in compliance with Bank Indonesia regulations;
  4. Act as pension fund founder and pension fund manager pursuant to pension fund rules and regulations;
  5. Perform other supporting activities to sustain the bank’s primary business activities as commonly performed by a bank as long as they are not against the laws and regulations


As of 31 December 2019, CIMB Niaga conducted all of the business activities set forth in the most recent Articles of Association.


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