We recognise that people and their talent are the machinery behind all growth. The dynamism of business today requires our people to be equipped with special skills that will prepare them to manage the present and emerging risks of business. This means building the skills of tomorrow and offering horizontal and vertical career and education paths.

Without a doubt, we are who we are because of our people. They are the catalysts of change, the problem solvers, the disrupters for the greater good. Therefore, we have initiated the next phase of culture-building with a refresh of our values. We see our shared values as a positive force that shapes the culture of CIMB Niaga, informing the way we work with our various stakeholders to achieve a shared purpose. It creates a sense of belonging and affiliation, instills pride and helps in decision-making.

We have also taken deliberate efforts to foster inclusiveness through our corporate values. We instill our employees the culture of respect, open engagement and teamwork, and we reinforce these behaviours in our daily work life.

Our Values

Enabling Talent

Our commitment in empowering and developing every employee and to be the best place for the most talented individuals to work


Our attitude in giving our all in everything we do and to achieve the highest possible results

Integrity & Accountability

Our commitment to act in accordance with ethics/norms, to be trusted, and to be responsible


Our commitment to prioritizing team success over individual success, as the success of CIMB Niaga is also mine and ours

Customer Centricity

Our commitment to always prioritize our customers and do the right thing for them

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  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Succession Planning
  • Digital Skills Training
Diversity & Inclusion
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Succession Planning
  • Digital Skills Training

At CIMB Niaga, we celebrate diversity. We recognise that employees are our greatest asset and it is the uniqueness of each of these individuals that drives the company forward.

We believe diversity contributes to bringing creative solutions and positive results to serve our customers, business associates, stakeholders and the community at large.

We are committed to strive towards providing equal opportunities for employment and development and career progression based on merits, without regard to their ethnicity, religion, gender, nationality or age.

As one of the top Banks in Indonesia, our strength lies in our diversity and we will continue to uphold and champion our core values.

We believe that effective and efficient mechanisms to manage talent can ensure business continuity, productivity, performance and competitiveness. Hence, succession planning across all mission-critical functions of the organisation remains our priority.

We seek opportunities to continuously upskill our high-potential talent, as well as maintain levels of motivation. We build trust and loyalty by making way for career satisfaction and growth.

We recognise the need to continuously boost the skills of both our current and future workforce. One of our future-proof strategies has been to establish The CIMB 3D (Digital, Data, and Design) Academy. While the idea is to enhance the digital quotient of our employee across functions, our long-term aspiration is to build an agile, innovative and tech-savvy workforce, which will meaningfully contribute to the digital transformation of CIMB Niaga.

Our 3D Academy competency framework is anchored on six pillars, namely:

  1. Digital world awareness
  2. Agile and entrepreneurial thinking
  3. Future communication skills
  4. Risk and governance
  5. Human-centred design
  6. Data science and analytics