Systematic engagement is fundamental to understanding stakeholders' needs.

While it is critical to analyse, understand and respond to the evolving expectations, needs, and issues of our stakeholders, it is equally important to reach-out to our employees, peers, clients, policymakers, regulators, as well as the government to advocate principles and programmes that will positively contribute to greater impact.

As such, we have invested our resources and time to continuously raise the level of engagement with all relevant internal stakeholders and external stakeholders.

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  • ACTS
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Advancing CIMBians Towards Sustainability

Advancing CIMBians Towards Sustainability’ or ACTS is a programme that empowers CIMBians to champion simple yet impactful sustainability initiatives. In the long run, the aspiration for these champions is to participate in advocacy efforts of the industry and in their own circles of influence. Examples of our ACTS projects:

Care With Our Home: Plastic Bottle Recycling


Our Human Resources Department led this initiative to promote recycling habits among CIMBians.

More than four plastic recycling points were set-up at key locations in various head offices.



Through the intranet and HR Portal, employees were encouraged to contribute to waste collection.

Over 770 used plastic bottles of various sizes were collected over a period of two months.



The plastic bottles collected and sent to 'Sahabat' (Bank Sampah/Waste Bank) for recycling.

We are keen to inspire change to all parties. Hence we have partnered up with several parties to ensure we can inspire change.

Indonesia Sustainable Finance Initiative

Since 2019, CIMB Niaga has become one of the member of Indonesia Sustainable Finance Initiative (IKBI). By becoming the member of IKBI, we hope to contribute to the implementation and development of Sustainable Finance in Indonesia.