We recognize the importance of lifecycle thinking for delivering positive environmental and social performance. Supply chain impacts can be significant and can potentially increase costs, as well as be detrimental to our reputation as a sustainable bank. We are continuously assessing our relationships with suppliers in different functions, the nature of procurement services and their EES aspects that are directly linked to our sustainability performance.

Bank's Efforts to Ensure Sustainable Supply Chain

Since 2019, Bank's conduct Sustainability Due Diligence to new/renewal/extension cooperation with suppliers. This due diligence shall ensure that Bank will not engage with suppliers that have business activities that included in exclusion list and have social or ethics and/or environment issue. A precondition to partner and work with CIMB Niaga is that all registered suppliers must strictly adhere to Bank's Vendor Code of Conduct which includes our expectations in relation to sustainable supply chain practices.

In addition, Strategic Procurement & Admin Property Management (SPAPM) Unit, the unit responsible for managing Bank's procurement of goods and services, has obtained SNI ISO 37001:2016 Certification for Anti-Bribery Management System (SMAP). For more detail information on Goods and Services Procurement Policy, please click here.