Predicated on the philosophy of ‘Banking for the Future’, CIMB Niaga endeavors to mobilise investments and capital for sustainable development and as an intermediary, we can create net positive impact by bringing to market, purpose-driven financial solutions.

Green, Social, Sustainability Impact Products & Services Framework

As part of our sustainability, CIMB Niaga begins the journey on positive impact financing. Ranging from the introduction of a Green, Social, Sustainability Impact Products & Services Framework to new product opportunities, CIMB Niaga is committed to stimulate the emergence and growth of new impact-based business models.

Motor X-Tra

CIMB Niaga successfully launched a sharia financing programme for electric motorcycles called “Motor X-TRA” using Xtra Dana iB financing product. It is the first provider of sharia financing for electric motorcycles in Indonesia, using Murabahah concept. Teamed up with Gesit (an electric bike producer in Indonesia) and many dealers or subdealers in Jawa, Palembang and Bali, the programme makes it easier for consumers to own an electric bike through small installments (starting from IDR 600 thousand) and free life insurance. For more info please call 14041.

Sustainability-linked Loan/Financing (SLL) & Sustainable Financing

The Sustainability-linked Loan/Financing (SLL) program is a financing program that provides incentives to customers who meet the sustainability performance target (SPT) as agreed prior to the program, while Sustainable Financing program is designed for CIMB Niaga financing customers who are involved in ESG focused businesses.

Waqf Savings Program (Tabungan iB Mapan Berhadiah Wakaf)

Tabungan iB Mapan Wakaf with Mudharabah principle is a timesaving mechanism that utilizes a regular monthly deposit system in accordance with the customer’s chosen time period. Customers will receive a direct gift from Bank CIMB Niaga Syariah in the form of a Waqf program, which will be transferred directly to the Current Account of the Waqf Institution. This Waqf program is channeled to fund a well project supporting climate adaptation actions.

Green Mortgage

Bank offers a mortgage (KPR) facility for green certified housing/ apartments on a national and international scale.

Solar Panel Financing

Bank, in collaboration with PT Energi Indonesia Berkarya (SUNterra), provides a special offer to CIMB Niaga credit card holders when purchasing rooftop solar panel.

‘EBB Green Recycle’ and ‘EBB Green Energy’ Programs

In 2021, Bank launched two sustainability focused financial solutions programs in the form of attractive interest rates targeted at customers engaged in product manufacturing/trading activities which directly involved in recycling materials and renewable energy. This program is available to EBB segment customers. This program, which covers all EBB areas in Indonesia, was launched at the end of 2021.