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Sinergi Mahakarya

A place for teens and adults with special needs, namely Artists with Special Abilities (ABK) to produce masterpieces through synergy with community. that have an impact on community development and empowerment.

Digitalisasi Platform Kerelawanan

"E-learning Volunteer by @IDVolunteering" through idvolunteering.id is a major learning center website portal in studying the world of volunteering and or social issues in Indonesia which provides tryouts and certified online tests.

Suko Kopi
(Arabica Kerinci)

Suko Kopi is made from selected Arabica coffee beans grown in the Kerinci area. Processed wholeheartedly by the Suko Kopi Bumdes Tunas Muda Jaya Business Unit, Suko Pangkat Village, Kerinci, Jambi.