Company Milestone

  • Established under the name of PT Bank Niaga

  • Merged with:

    » Bank Agung in 1973

    » Bank Tabungan Bandung in 1978

    » Bank Amerta in 1983

  • The first bank to launch an ATM

  • Initial Public Offering (IPO) in the Surabaya Stock Exchange

  • The first bank to provide Online Banking services

  • CIMB Group took over 50.99%

  • Launched Sharia Banking

  • Rights Issue Rp1.3 trillion

  • » Name change to PT Bank CIMB Niaga Tbk
    » Effective merger between CIMB Niaga & Lippo Bank
    » The 5th largest bank in Indonesia

  • Launched BizChannel and CIMB Clicks internet banking platforms

  • » Launched new mobile banking platform - Go Mobile
    » Launched Phone Banking service 14041 and Preferred Phone Banking 1 500 800 with various exclusive features

  • » Launched Digital Lounge
    » Launched Rekening Ponsel
    » Launched Poin Xtra
    » Launched Net Banking - online account opening

  • Launched the first online time deposits opening in Indonesia through CIMB Clicks

  • » Implemented “Core Banking System” using one platform (”1P”) scheme
    » Launched Visa Credit Card Pay Wave Card and sticker (contactless)

  • » Bank status raised to BUKU 4 Bank by OJK, the highest classification for banks
    » Established 2nd call center in Yogyakarta
    » Launched Indie Account saving product
    » Launched BizChannel@ CIMB for corporate customers
    » Launched New Go Mobile services

  • » Became the first Public Company in Indonesia to conduct shareholders electronic voting (e-voting) at the General Meeting of the Shareholders.
    » Launched Precious Card credit card
    » Launched Debit Contactless
    » Digital Lounge@Campus

  • » Launched the Self-Service Banking engine with new features, namely card replacement and fast data updating in just 5 minutes.
    » Launch of the Waqf QR

  • » Launched Virtual Card Number (VCN) and BizChannel@CIMB Mobile for corporate customers
    » The Go Mobile app transformation into OCTO Mobile with full features like the Super App
    » Launched OCTO Clicks, enhancement of CIMB Niaga internet banking utilizing the latest advanced features

  • » Launched OCTO Friends, a referral application for CIMB Niaga products

  • » OCTO Card Launch
    » Won the ASEAN Top 20 PLCs Award in the 2021 ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard Award