Tour De Bank

Tour de Bank (TDB) aims to introduce elementary school children to banking activities, to foster financial intelligence and to build a saving culture from an early age. Students are invited to visit branch offices to experience banking service activities firsthand. During the visits, students were introduced to the tellers and customer service roles, and the ATM machines and cash deposit machines.

In 2020, TDB reached 23 cities throughout Indonesia, including Bandar Lampung, Blitar, Pekalongan, DKI Jakarta, South Tangerang, Surabaya and Tulungagung. The pre- and post-test results showed an 11% increase in banking understanding.

Year Number of Schools Number of Students
2018 20 936
2019 23 998
2020* 52 2,960
Accumulated 2015-2020 166 8,258
*)This information includes an online concept of Community Link #JadiPeduli Program