Through philanthropic activities, CIMB Niaga provides assistance in the form of donations to support the improvement of people's welfare. Some philanthropic activities carried out by the Bank, as follows:


One of CIMB Niaga’s caring activities involves philanthropy. CIMB Niaga provides donations to support the people’s welfare. Philanthropic activities carried out during 2019 included Safari Ramadhan 1440H, with Qurban Donations, Shopping with Orphans, Break Fasting with sight-impaired TSO Employees, and Halal Bi Halal. CIMB Niaga also held an End of Year Thanksgiving at CIMB Niaga’s Graha Financial Hall by donating, through ‘Donasi Kasih Natal’, to three foundations, namely: Barokah Surya Nusantara Foundation, Global Edutama Adonai and Bala Keselamatan Nias.

In addition, CIMB Niaga conducts disaster care activities. During 2019 the Bank assisted victims of natural disasters, including victims of floods in Sentani, fires in Pademangan, floods in Konawe, forest and land fires in Riau and West Kalimantan, earthquakes in Central Maluku, and tornadoes in Malang. The employee volunteer program also helped this activity. Several CIMB Niaga employees participated in distributing and providing assistance to the victims.